Thursday, December 27, 2012

Microsoft Surface

So finally I got my hands on the much awaited Microsoft Surface Windows RT tablet - 1 day before its official launch at various retail stores! I played around for 30 mins or so with it in the store. The keyword here is "play" and "30 mins"... at $699 a pop that's all there is to it. But setting that aside... Pros: - smooth responsive Interface - nice design especially the built-in back stand and the keyboard cover - keyboard cover probably should be listed as number 1 innovation. It's magnetic and u literally don't need to align the tablet with the keyboard, it just finds the notches automatically and snaps in. - keyboard was so thin it almost felt like a cardboard cover but the pairing was impeccable and no miss-strokes. - supports a full USB port, a mini HDMI port, a microSD card slot hidden behind the tablet (in between the builtin stand) - full ms office integration - front camera resolution was great
Cons - $$$$$ (sorry couldn't help reiterating it) $699 is the price with the keyboard!! - be careful of the black stand; skin of my palm got caught in between the stand and tablet while trying to close the stand (maybe my clumsiness but I bet many would encounter it one time or the other, trust me!) - back main camera resolution was unimpressive! Lacking sharpness. - slightly heavy (I probably could have put this under Pros section also - as it wasn't as heavy as I was anticipating) - the angle of the back stand is fixed and optimal for on the desk/table mode only.
Verdict: - pricey toy if it's not a Windows 8 Pro version. - you gotta be sure what you want this for. So ask this question to yourself: am I looking for a laptop replacement? Or am I looking for a tablet and maybe some light weight work? - it may seem like a laptop replacement but it will not be so (laptop can do a lot more, install various programs, VPN software, ERP clients etc. for some serious work, higher hard drive capacity!) - it is at best a netbook (semi laptop, browser based work (cloud based ERP clients can still make it a worthwhile adversary) - it is ok at just a tablet level if you have this for browsing the net, listening to music, videos/movies viewing etc. Million dollar question: would I buy Surface over iPad 3 (err...the 'New' iPad 2)? - the day I am ready to shell $500+ for any tablet, I might go for Windows Surface*. *Disclaimer: I'm a long time user of iPhone and familiarity with iOS capabilities across iPhone / iPad has dulled my senses, so Surface gets the edge here for its newer interface and the promise of discovering capabilities unknown in iOS. --by Dheeraj Sachdeva

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